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'I Wake Up and Write Down My Dreams'

Chris Lux: Nightmare in Pink (2019)
flashe and pastel on watercolor paper

Curated by Big Pictures Los Angeles
August 3-August 31, 2019

Opening reception on Saturday, August 3, 6-9pm
NO GALLERY: 1115 S La Brea Ave LA CA 90036,, 323-209-5557

Artists exhibiting: Doug Crocco, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Matt Lifson, Chris Lux, Brendan Lynch, Laurie Nye, Ben Sanders

It has been said that dreams are where we process what we experienced during our waking hours. As if they act to help us sort out our feelings, reconcile conflicts, and expand upon passing ideas. Dreams are also a place where our most personal feelings blend with the visual references from our day-to-day lives and figments of our imagination. The result is a nightly visual journey into the subconscious rife with symbolism, personal reflection, and mystery. However, despite being fantastic or seemingly revelatorywe often don’t understand or remember our dreams, and while they occasionally leave lasting impressions they are inherently fleeting.

Some of our most revered luminaries across the ages were famous for keeping bedside journals and writing down their dreams. They yearned to record their freshest recollections and details of their visions before they faded away. Similarly, the artists included in the exhibition explore the dreamscape in their practice and put pencil to paper to create new worlds. Several works in the show contain compositions seemingly absurdist in nature, some featuring fantastic characters that have sprung to life. While other images are populated by the fragments of the familiar, and incongruent juxtapositions that act as riddles, or perhaps just echoes of the day gone by.